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Prosek hiking route!

Let me introduce one of the most popular hiking way in Demir-Kapija area. 

First of all - some facts about this route:  

* Length - 6,37 km

* 526 m - ascending

* 510 m - descending

* 5 hour 48 min - total time (with long rest in view points)

* path marked by white dot in red circle or red stripe between two white stripes.

* Path is physically demanding! Some mountaineering skills are necessary! 

* No drinking water on the route.

* Please, always take the headlamps with you.

full hiking info is here.

Start is right before the old tunnel. Find via ferrata (iron rope) - right hand if you faced to tunnel. Approximate way is shown by yellow stripe.

Yellow dot with number 1 - point on the first viewpoint. Please, take a look on the panorama from this place.

You can find small cave (coordinates are: 41.4048, 22.2493)

Panorama from viewpoint #2

Panorama from viewpoint #3

Some photos from the summit Prosek (there are situated some ancient ruins) 

Overview of the route is in the picture from google map. After passing the summit you will see footpath curving near cell towers. After you will reach a road make a turn on the left. Please, be careful, don’t miss the turn on the left to the small road to the stone-pit (otherwise you’ll go to the Turkish village and will make 6 km extra!). On the stone-pit level you should make short cut to (down) very nice footpath. It will led you to the motorway bridges - begin of the route.  

Height profile is below:

Enjoy your trip!
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