International Outdoor Festival Demir Kapija

                            Join us on May 13, 14 & 15


Rock climbing, mountaineering, running, hiking & biking, the premiere of the feature film filmed in Macedonia & Demir Kapija, funny contests and friendly party with a campfire!

COME & Play Outdoors in one of the most beautiful natural regions of Macedonia!

Sport federations and clubs interested in participating or organizing an activity can contact us here or via our FB page 

More details to come - follow us here for updates!


     All lovers of sports, recreation, and nature are WELCOME!


In the park will be organized place for free camping and of course you can find more comfortable accommodation options in Demir Kapija


                                          Full Program


   13.05.2016 Friday

18:00 – 21:00 Registration of participants at CENET, Demir Kapija

21:00 – 22:00 Technical meeting for participants in CENET

   14.05.2016 Saturday

06:00 – 18:00 Alpine and rock climbing events in canyon

07:30 – 09:00 Registration of participants at CENET

09:30   Race (1,5 km fun run) from the city park through the town of Demir Kapija

              Official opening of festival, Mayor Trajche Dimitriev

10:00   Organized recreational mountain hike from Demir Kapija to Celavec (old Turkish village) via Prosek (the old fortress) (4 hour hiking time).  Afterwards, if interested, transport will be provided to the rock canyon to view where climbing events take place.  From the canyon at 16:00, there will be bus service to return to the town center of Demir Kapija.

10:00   Organized off-road bike ride to Prezhdevo and Besvica ending at Popova Kula winery in Demir Kapija.  Asphalt and dirt road riding, with 250 m elevation gain.  Total distance: 25 km.

12:00   Kids program and relay races in city park

15:00   Kids recreational climbing competition “Mogli”, city park

17:00  The premiere of children's fairy tale which was filmed in Macedonia and Demir Kapija in 2015 «Редот на нештата» (“The order of things”), in Cultural Center Mirka Ginova

17:00  Outdoor yoga class, 60 minutes, in city park, Yoga Center Sadhana

19:00  Outdoor party starts with food & drink and bonfire in city park

15.05.2016 Sunday

06:00 – 16:00   Alpine and rock climbing in canyon

09:00 – 15:00   Big wall speed climbing and technical climbing competition events, “Aid Master”

            09:00   Organized recreational mountain hike to Koprishnica and hidden waterfall (~ 7 hour total hiking time)

09:00   Organized mountain bike ride to the dam of the river Dosnica, distance one way 21 km.

16:00   Video presentations of sport films in Cultural Center (town center)

18:00   Presentations of awards and recognitions; official closing of festival

19:00   After party in city park




    Participants will be required to sign a statement of personal responsibility and competence in the chosen form of activity.  Persons under 18 years old need a signed approval from their parents.

    Throughout the festival, the wine museum of Demir Kapija will be open with free entry.


              This program is preliminary and is subject to change.



Tel: +389 70 343 401



Enjoy the video from last year's festival