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Rock Land Camp - Chiflik trip

It consists two main parts.



Start and Finish are in Rock Land Camp. Second part can be used independently. 



First part facts:



Length - 5,6 km

Time - 1 h 40 min

Ascending - 47 m

Very good for easy hiking and biking. Track is here

After the bridge turn on the left. First 500 m are in the small park 

(route is generally all along the small river Boshava)

After the park 1 km under reconstruction (youth sport center will be open in 1 year). Red White Red marks are in all forest part of the route. In 1 km before Chiflik village temporary bridge cross the river is damaged, but you can cross the river without it.

Second part facts:

Length - 2,7 km

Time - 40 min

Ascending - 27 m

Very good for easy hiking and biking.

Download track here

After about 100 m on asphalt turn on your right.

In the middle of the trip you will find “crossroad”. Four countryside paths will meet. Correct way marked by red arrow in the picture above. 

Find some pictures from this way below.

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